Fluffy Dreams & Golden Crisps: National Waffle Day at Chiefy Cafe!

Brace yourselves, because the most delicious day of the year is almost upon us – National Waffle Day! Mark your calendars for a sweet celebration at Chiefy Cafe on Thursday, August 24th.


At Chiefy Cafe, waffles aren’t just a breakfast dish. Crafted with love, our waffles have that perfect balance of a crispy exterior and a heavenly fluffy inside. It’s a waffle wonder that’s too good to miss!

Why Chiefy’s Waffles?

Curious about what makes our waffles the talk of Hillcrest? Well, you’re just one click away! Dive into our delightful waffle menu and get ready to drool.

Dress it Up or Down 

Whether you’re a simple butter-and-maple-syrup lover or crave more savory toppings, we’ve got you covered. From fresh berries and whipped cream to fresh turkey and ham, our waffles come just the way you like the

Pair It Perfectly

So, whether you’re a Hillcrest local or just in the neighborhood, swing by Chiefy Cafe on August 24th. Come celebrate the joy of waffles with us and discover why ours are the golden standard.

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